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 Everything is included during scuba training dives (ie: gear rental, air fills, books & materials, pool/open water site fees, certification and instruction).  You aren't required to buy any extra gear.  5% discount when you bring a buddy to any course.

Course Cost Duration
Discover Scuba Diving (Ages 10+) $40 60 minutes (30 mins of diving)
Open Water Diver (Ages 15+) $365 3 day course (certification issued)
Junior Open Water Diver (Ages 10-15) $345 3 day course (certification issued)
Advanced Course $225 Includes 5 specialty dives**
Specialty Dives** $65 2 hours (includes 1 dive)
Private Lessons (Ages 10+) ---- Contact us for quote
Scuba Review for Existing Divers $65 2 hour pool session

** Specialty courses include Under Water Navigation, Search & Recovery, Photography, Night, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Wreck and Deep.

Compare my price structure to any dive center...most dive centers will quote you a "tuition fee" between $150 and $250 for an Open Water course.  Then you must buy your books and materials ($60 - $75); mask, fins, snorkel, weights, weight belt ($150 - $400); air-fills ($20); and open water site fees ($20 - $30).  After you shop around, you'll gain an appreciation for my honest price structure.

Private Scuba Lessons

Weekend Lessons

Gift Certificates Available

Texas Dive Sites:
Blue Lagoon, Huntsville
288 Lake, Houston
Twin Lakes, Manville
Lake Travis, Austin

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