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Hey future diver!

I am a certified PADI SCUBA Insructor and Emergency First Response Instructor. SCUBA is the closest most of us will ever get to exploring another world.  If you've ever wanted to try SCUBA diving, allow me to teach you everything you need to know.

Recent advances in equipment technology have greatly improved the safety and fun of this sport.  I have programs designed for everyone, regardless of your physical ability.

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SCUBA courses are broken into 3 phases: classroom, pool and open water.
Classroom:  We will learn all the book knowledge required to earn your certification.
Pool:  We will practice your skills in a secure, confined environment.
Open Water:  We will visit either The Blue Lagoon, Windy Point Park or Twin Lakes to gain experience in local Texas waters.

I can also guide you through the Discover Snorkeling course or teach CPR and First Aid classes. Having a pool party?...I can add some adventure by taking your guests on a Discover Scuba Diving tour.

As an independent instructor, I can provide you with personalized training, fair prices and unbiased suggestions on SCUBA equipment and travel.  Please contact me when you're ready to get wet!

Your Local SCUBA Instructor,

Greg Davis
PADI Member #: 199041

Private Scuba Lessons

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Texas Dive Sites:
Blue Lagoon, Huntsville
288 Lake, Houston
Twin Lakes, Manville
Lake Travis, Austin

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